Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin Body Scrub 200ml

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Proveedor : Dr.Jart+

Product Type : Body Scrub

Sku : 1806996401

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Exfoliation is an important step in your skincare routine, but most of us tend to forget to exfoliate the rest of our body. Made with three different types of natural scrub abrasives, this body scrub helps you to massage and buff out rough patches of skin.

Formulated with ceramides and hyaluronic acid, Ceramidin Body Scrub also soothes skin and protect it from moisture loss. Add an exfoliating body scrub to your skincare routine to buff away old skin and stimulate microcirculation.

The body has different skin thickness so its dry condition is different and usually it is composed of a cell structure that is denser than the face so it is difficult to penetrate moisture and it needs to be kept constant.

This body scrub which is made from walnut shells, apricot seeds, Almond flour with 5-layer multi-moisturizing cream has a moisturizing and massage effect even in a rough skin areas such as arms. 

How To

  1. Relieve an appropriate amount on your hands.
  2. Massage the wet body around the area where you need to manage the old skin
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water.