KAHI "Anti-Wrinkle" K-Beauty Product is to Too Hot to Handle

kahi aqua balm sold at kbeautymakeup.com

Someone recently came back from South Korea (November 2021), and she said KAHI sticks are a HOT item. She said KAHI products are selling out FAST at Korean stores. We then informed her that we, too, sell KAHI items. 

Why is KAHI so popular? KAHI launched in 2020. Well, they believe in quality versus quantity. They do not make items in bulk and use high-quality ingredients, such as Jeju fermented oil. They do NOT want to compromise their fermentation process (744 hours, phew!).

These magic KAHI balms hydrate your skin, increase skin elasticity, improve skin wrinkles, brighten skin tone, and more. 

These KAHI items have been "advertised" on K-dramas. Kim Go Eun from The King: Eternal Monarch used this stick. At the time, we didn't know what she was putting on her face. We just needed it!

Learn more about KAHI balms on Yahoo, Global Newswire, and check out our KAHI Collection

At K-Beauty Makeup, we sell KAHI sticks!

KAHI Eye Balm 

KAHI Kisstin Balm 

KAHI Extin C Balm 

KAHI Aqua Balm  (has spf)

KAHI Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm

KAHI Wrinkle Bounce Essential Suncream

KAHI Wrinkle Bounce Skin Fit Blending Essence


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