Reduce My Wrinkles - Argirlene and Azirelin

neogen agecure intensive cream at K-Beauty Makeup

Negogen Agecure products contain Azirelin and/or Argireline.What do these products do because we've seen how a person's face becomes less wrinkly with Neogen's Agecure One Minute Wrinkle Lift? 

We couldn't really find what Azirelin is, but we assume it's Argireline. 

Argireline, also known as acetyl hexapeptide-3 or acetyl hexapeptide-8. It is used in anti-aging skin care products to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Well, whatever it is, this reduces your wrinkle around your eyes and forehead. 

 NEOGEN Agecure Intensive New Age Cream 50ml is an intensive solution cream delivers instant recovery to tired and weakened skin through a formula containing patented peptides such as Argirlene, Syn-Coll, and other ingredients known to promote production of collagen in the skin. Formula texture adheres thoroughly on the skin to deliver strengthening, tightening, and wrinkle fighting benefits.

NEOGEN Agecure One Minute Wrinkle Lift (3ml X 10ea) is a highly concentrated ampoule containing Azirelin (10%) and Syn-coll complex. Azirelin and Syn-coll are powerful stimulants of the production and increase of collagen in the skin and thereby increase skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles, lift effect and even prevent the evaporation of moisture from the skin. In one minute, you'll see a difference with your wrinkles. Must have!

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