innisfree Apple Seed Bubble Cleanser 150ml

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Sku : @innisfree Apple Seed Bubble Cleanser 150ml

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Bubble cleanser with apple-seed oil cleanses the face with its cloud-like bubbly foam and leaves skin feeling soft and silky-smooth.

#Cloud-like bubbly foam

This is a cleanser that gives off rich and soft bubbles as you pump to help cleanse the skin without irritation. It helps cleanse your pores thoroughly and makes your skin smooth and transparent.

#A low-ph cleanser to restore skin balance

Try a low-ph cleanser to help maintain the healthy acidity of the skin barrier and improve the water-oil balance

#Cleansing as clear as a freshly washed apple

Apple seed oil containing unsaturated fatty acids makes the skin healthy and firm.

It contains apple extract obtained from vitamin-rich apples to moisturize the skin.