Bling Bling with Glitter

Unleashia Get Loose Glitter at K-Beauty Makeup

After watching numerous K-Beauty Makeup tutorials on YouTube and other channels, one beauty style K-Beauty people do is put a dab of glitter on top of their eyelids and a little below their eyes. I don’t know about you, but their eyes pop when they put on that last touch of bling.

There’s something about glitter that makes their eyes stand out.

The question is, would it look good on mature faces?

The glitter on young K-Beauty faces looks excellent.

However, too much shine often makes a mature face look . . . not so good. Whether it was the color or how shiny the eyeshadow was put on, makeup artists often shy away from shiny eyeshadow for mature faces.

However, we had women from 40 to 70 years old put a dab of glitter on their eyelids. It did not look bad at all. It looked pretty good. Their eyes looked a bit brighter, and their eyes popped.  

Whatever age you are, try using a dab of glitter on your eyes to get that bling bling look!

At K-Beauty Makeup, we now offer UNLEASHIA – vegan and cruelty-free glitter products!

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