AROMATICA Dandelion Feminine Gel 250ml

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Proveedor : AROMATICA

Product Type : Feminine Wash

Sku : AROMATICA Dandelion Feminine Gel 250ml

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A daily gentle cleanser of intimate area

A wash to maintain intimate area health that also has cleansing power because you're a woman and you're worth it Because the vaginal area is the most precious and important part of a woman's body, it needs more delicate care. It's a given that the natural ingredients maintain cleanliness, and the biotic bacteria maintain a healthy environment. A must-have item! The feminine wash made specifically for the vaginal area Is feminine wash just for women having feminine troubles? In addition to cleansing, the vaginal area needs to maintain its pH, and requires non-irritating cleansing and care. Use a feminine wash that is specifically formulated for intimate areas instead of regular soap and body wash. Two types of biotic bacteria to help maintain a healthy environment for intimate areas When used together, probiotics and prebiotics can help to maintain the health of, and environment for, the sensitive skin in intimate areas