K-Beauty Makeup FAQ

1. 1. Are the products authentic?

YESSS! We provide HIGH-QUALITY KOREA BRANDS and PRODUCTS. All of the products we sell are 100% authentic ... guaranteed. Our Korean items are sourced directly from South Korea. :)
No. We're so sorry. Since our products are shipped from Korea, we cannot provide you with refunds or returns once you purchase the items. If you email us within 24 hours of placing your order, we may be able to cancel the order. Please contact us at buykbeautymakeup@gmail.com. :)
We guarantee our products are 100% authentic/genuine. We priced our K-products at very reasonable rates and subsidized a portion of your shipping costs. Some online stores often provide fake items, and the prices might be less than ours. We would rather have more people use genuine K-beauty products than purchase imitation products for less. Wouldn’t you want to use genuine K-beauty products that are priced well than buy cheaper products not knowing if they are fake?
Since we subsidized a portion of your shipping costs, so USA mainland customers do not have to pay. FREE SHIPPING!
Since the items are coming from South Korea, there is no guarantee if your items will arrive less than one week. Your items will need to go through customs. Do not fret! Your 100% genuine Korean products will arrive. We work with the manufacturers to ensure your products are shipped right away. NOTE: I bought some Korean products from another online store to see how long their products arrive. The products was supposed to arrive within 5 to 7 days. However, my products have yet to arrive, and it’s now five weeks long!
We TOTALLY understand. We feel you. Since the K-Beauty products are shipped from South Korea, please note that your products must come to the USA (boat, plane, etc.) and go through customs. Please, please understand. We want your products to arrive ASAP. We'll do our best!
Yes, they are -- but not for you! Shipping costs are based on weight when products are shipped from South Korea. However, we are subsidizing a portion of your shipping costs, so you don't have to worry. (BONUS: Purchase more than $50, we'll send you a 5% coupon. Spend more than $100 worth, we'll send you a 10% coupon code so you can continue shopping with us.)
We are from the USA, and we LOVE K-beauty makeup and skincare products! This is our love project, and we hope you will come to love K-Beauty and take advantage of our great rates. We are only offering K-Beauty products to most states in the USA (not including islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, and other locations). Shipping costs are really high, and if you want purchase products from us, contact us. We will send you a tailored invoice. We will have to calculate the shipping costs for your country.
Oh yes, we do! Let us know what products you like and we'll add them to the list.
No, we don’t. We’ve lowered our prices as much as possible. You may find better deals, but be wary and validate if those Korean products are 100% genuine and from South Korea. Have you heard of cases where companies sold fake Korean products? People bought the items for less and then had allergies and other issues. When we conducted our research and priced out products, we couldn’t figure out how some online sites were selling products much lower than the manufacturing costs! (It may be fake!!)
We will be donating a portion of our profit (net gain) to charity!
LET US KNOW ASAP! Send us pictures and any documentation. Please note that there’s a team in South Korea that personally packs your products. They make sure the items are not damaged. Since your products arrive by boat, plane, etc., there may be times when your products might get damaged during transit. We will work with the packagers to find a way to replace your product. NOTE: You have 24-48 hours to inform us when your products arrive. Any time after that, we cannot assist you.
K-Beauty Makeup is quite special! First, we sell only 100% authentic Korean products that are directly sourced from South Korea. We do not store any inventory in the United States. Second, we donate a portion of our profits to charity! Third, we have significantly subsidized your shipping costs, so you don’t have to pay these costs. Shipping products from Korea to America is …expensive! Fourth, we did our best to price the products to compete in the Korean makeup online market. Please be aware of Korean items that are too low cost. If it sounds too good to be true, it may be FAKE!
Although we would love to, you cannot return any products. K-Beauty products come directly from South Korea. We appreciate your understanding.