HERA's Ambassador BLACKPINK Jennie Kim

Jennie Kim Ambassador for HERA K-Beauty Makeup

HERA is a luxury Seoul-based beauty brand and Jennie Kim from BLACKPINK is HERA's ambassador. Check out a HERA video featuring Jennie!

 At K-Beauty Makeup, we love BLACKPINK and JENNIE! She's cool, hip, and gorgeous. It's great to have a beautiful person teaming up with a luxury brand.

Take advantage of HERA premium brands. When you try HERA, you'll stand out. At K-Beauty Makeup, we provide only 100% genuine HERA makeup and skin care products. Try HERA's luxury Korean makeup and skincare products for males and females.

HERA's philosophy believes in drawing out one's inner beauty. HERA's makeup and skin care products work seamlessly, starting from the innermost part of your dermis. Use quality HERA products to let your inner beauty shine from inside out.


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