NEOGEN Agecure One Minute Wrinkle Perfection 15ml (new, season 3)


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This authentic Korean product really works! See your wrinkles dramatically improve. This intensive anti-aging ampoule contains 5 different effective patented peptide ingredients including an impressive 10% concentration of Argirelin, combined with Resveratrol to target wrinkles, fine lines, and wrinkle-prone areas like under eye bags with an instant skin-lifting benefit, while brightening the complexion with the upgraded benefit

What It Does
  • Not permanent but it temporarily helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while delivering brightening benefits to skin for a younger appearance 
  • Contains 12 age-defying peptides
  • Formulated with naturally-derived botanical extracts such as soybean, ginseng, sesame, royal jelly, moringa, evening primrose, licorice, sake, ivy, sage, blackberry, rice, olive, mushroom, fig and amino acids glutamic acid, aspartic acid and polyglutamic acid 
  • Easy-to-use ampoules that help keep the formulation fresh every time one is opened

Product Information

    Argireline]: Helps promote Collagen production!
    • - Patented ingredient in Spain, US, Europe skin
    • - Published in various SCI credited science journals

    [Herb EX Resveratrol 0.5]

    : 95% efficient to prevent lipoperoxide, compared to 65% for Vitamin E, and 37% for Vitamin C!

    • Featured as Nature ingredient in UK Scientific Journal
    • Featured 4,541 times in SCI Science Journals

    • Formulated 50,000PPM of Herb EX Resveratrol

    How To Use
    • After cleansing and toning, evenly apply a pea-sized amount of the product onto the deeply wrinkled area or desired areas (Forehead, under eye area, lips area, smile line or neck) Gently pat for a minute until thoroughly absorbed.

    *Use in morning and evening.

    *It is not recommended to apply any products with high oil content after applying the ampoule, as oil may dilute the ampoule and diminish lifting effect.

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