[ONE THING] Coix Lacryma-Jobi-Ma-Yuen Seed Extract 150ml

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Proveedor : ONE THING

Product Type : Toner

Sku : 29M653291

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  • Improving skin texture: COIX LACRYMA-Jobi-Ma-Yuen Seed contains a large amount of essential amino acids that are good for relieving pigmentation and having bright skin tone. It contains a large amount of amino acid components that make up the protein. Also it is rich in nutrients such as calcium, iron and vitamin B
  • Tone up: COIX LACRYMA-Jobi-Ma-Yuen Seed Extract's amino acids helps to tone up the pigmented skin and have glowing skin.
  • Light and fresh feeling: COIX LACRYMA-Jobi-Ma-Yuen Seed Extract is very light(non-sticky), and which offers great feeling for the users who have oily skin. Especially in the morning, it is of great use for tiding up skin texture before wearing a makeup.
  • [ONE THING]: ONE THING removes all the unnecessary cost and propose only one ingredient that our skins need. With 100% plant-based product that only used EWG 1st grade ingredient, our product did not add any chemical ingredient other than the ingredients mentioned. ONE THING supports consumers' right to know and wants to become a great help in their reasonable consumption.