Learn More About K-Beauty Makeup

We LOVE Korean beauty (K-beauty) makeup and skincare products! Since we constantly buy many K-Beauty products for ourselves, why not share our favs with our friends in the USA! 

To be honest, we like deals. In the past, we sometimes bought Korean products for cheap on other online sites and realized they were FAKE!! To avoid this, we decided to curate 100% authentic Korean products --- sourced directly from South Korea. 

You do not need to worry whether our products are fake. All of our products are 100% authentic, quality products at the best prices possible. We know shipping costs can be costly. So, we decided to subsidize a large portion of your shipping costs. 

You might ask, are you making a profit when selling online? Not really. In order to compete with other online businesses  (whether they sell fake items or not), we want to make sure we offer an excellent deal to K-Beauty Makeup customers.  We want more people to buy K-beauty products! We decided to lower our shipping costs to ensure you can enjoy the quality products we've been enjoying for a long time. Now, it's your turn. 

NOTE: For right now, we offer Korean makeup and products to people who live in the USA (not including islands and some locations).