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Vendor : Re:NK

Product Type : Facial Oil

Sku : 6157096071

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Re:NK CELL TO CELL TREATMENT OIL 30ml contains Real Cell™ and TIME-CODE ingredients. It is a golden treatment oil that strengthens the fundamental strength of the skin.

* Real cell Sea Holy step cell gives strong skin care.
* Provides rich nutrition with 7 types of carefully selected oils.
* Absorbs into the skin flawlessly, giving firm and bright skin finish.
* Real cell gives skin glow and glow.
* Silver bell daffodil cell extract gives bright and bright skin care.
Quickly absorbed light fresh texture.
Provides soft glow without shine and tight skin.

▶ How to use

In the pre-cream step, take an appropriate amount, apply it all over the face,
 and let it absorb using the body temperature of your palms.
Apply 1~2 drops directly onto especially dry areas and let it absorb.